UAB Barameda established in 2014, May 6th.

Our philosophy paved the desire to prove first of all to our self’s that even a small business representatives in Lithuania can achieve their goals and become a strong and reliable partner for medical institutions in Baltics, so we try to not only passively participate in public tenders, but also to hear our customers’ needs, preferences, participate in product trials and offer a final product that fully meets the customer’s expectations.

We are expanding our range of products rapidly (at the beginning of 2018 we represent 12 manufacturers, while have represented only five suppliers in 2015) and expanding new territories – in the beginning of 2016 we entered a new market – Latvia, and in 2017 the firsts agreements were signed with the largest Estonian hospitals: SA Põhja-Eesti Regional Hospital and Foundation Tartu University Clinic.

The number of our customers is also growing rapidly, from 39 customers in 2017 to 380 customers in 2020.

“There are no mistakes in life, only lessons …”